April 2021 Hiking Schedule

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SUNDAY hikes start at 2:30 p.m., go approx. 5 miles and last approx. 1 ½ to 2 hours. 


Start at 7pm., go approx. 3 miles and last approx. 1 hour.


Click on the underlined address for a hike to bring up a Google Map.  Get directions from your home or current location.  Access Website from your phone to get directions when you drive.  (Need Google Maps)

Sunday, 04/04/21, Easter Sunday -- NO HIKE

Spend time with family, check out new routes for the club.  Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, 04/06/21, Liz DeLay, 651-698-7019, 

Meeting Location: Meet at Carbone’s Pizza on Randolph Ave. at Davern St., 1698 Randolph Ave., St. Paul.

Directions: Parking on the street

Hike Description: A Highland Park neighborhood hike

Treats: Carbone's


Sunday, 04/11/21, Bob Tholkes. 763-913-4453,

Meeting Location: Meet in the Southwest corner of the former Sears parking lot in St. Paul.

Directions:  Near Marion and Ravoux Streets

Hike Description: Walk the perimeter of our beloved state capitol city, featuring the Capitol, CHS Field, the river, Irvine Park, the Cathedral, and James J. Hill house

Treats: Tailgate

Tuesday, 04/13/21, Bernie Wildes, 651-770-2572, & Sharon Heaton, 651-207-5926,

Meeting Location: Meet in the parking lot of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 1616 Olive St. W, in Stillwater,

Directions: Follow Stillwater Blvd N toward Stillwater.  The church is on the left side shortly after the road

bends and becomes Olive.

Hike Description: A walk around Lake McKusick.

Treats: TBD


Sunday, 04/18/21, Jeanne Shankle, 1-919-956-2885,

Meeting Location: Meet at Gabe’s By the Park, 991 Lexington Parkway, St. Paul

Hike Description: A walk around Lake Como and surrounding neighborhood.

Treats: TBD

Tuesday, 04/20/21 Nancy Duffrin, 612-584-8594,

Meeting Location: Meet at McCarron’s Pub & Grill, 1986 Rice St., Maplewood,

Directions: One block North of Roselawn

Hike Description: A hike around  McCarrons Lake

Treats: TBD

Sunday, 04/25/21, Charlotte Svobodny, 651-455-0052,

Meeting Location: Meet in the parking lot just North of the Dog Park of Kaposia Landing, 800 Bryant Ave. S (Bryant & Concord), South St. Paul.

Directions: Coming South on Concord, take a left over the bridge that looks as if it goes nowhere and follow the drive almost to the ballfields.

Hike Description: We’ll hike North on a new part of the Mississippi River Trail.

Tuesday04/27/21, Rick & Rose Nelson, 651-283-5241,

Meeting Location: Meet at Casey Lake Park, 2089 17th Ave. E in North St. Paul


Hike Description: A walk on paved trails and streets between and in two parks.

Treats: TBD