April 2022 Newsletter


Sunday hikes start at 2:30 pm, go approx. 5 miles, last 1 1⁄2 – 2 hrs. Tuesday hikes
start at 7:00 pm, go approx. 3 miles, last about 1 hour. The SPHC walks at a moderate speed of 2.5 – 3.5 mph. (17-24 min. mile)  Hikes start on time.


Helen Loseleben 04/01, Jacki Evenson 04/03, Judy Smith 04/06. Leslie Mowery
04/09, Charlotte Svobodny 04/15, Barb Fitzpatrick 04/21, Paul Berning 04/22.


SPHC annual membership dues are due March 1st. $15.00 gets you a mailed copy of the Trailblazer and $7.00 an emailed copy. Make checks to: St Paul Hiking Club Mail to: Rose Nelson, 2393 Eldridge Ave. E., North St Paul, MN 55109


Will be Sunday, April 10 at Joseph’s Grill, 140 S. Wabasha St. (Wabasha at Plato)
Social hour starts at 5:00 pm., followed by a buffet at 5:30. Entrees are Roasted Lemon-Thyme Chicken with Kansas Rice & Campers Walleye with Roasted Potatoes. Salad, rolls & coffee included.

DO NOT BRING DESSERTS. Cookies will be provided.
Cost is $22. per person. (includes tax and gratuity) Reservation deadline is April 3rd.
Spouses/Guests welcome.

Make checks to: St. Paul Hiking Club

Mail to: Vicky Beutel,
4658 Fable Rd. N., Hugo, MN 55038.

The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing. - S. Brown

The SPHC is exploring the possibility of replacing the hike on May 29 (Memorial Day
weekend) with participation in the annual placement of flags on the graves at Fort
Snelling. If interested, please call Sara Backland: 612-578-6546.


SPHC mileage leaders through February:
Judy Nelson 61,

Don and Sue Crawford, Vic Fickling and Sandy Herlick 58,

Vern Pearson 57,

Sharon Heaton 56,

Viv Fickling 55,

Bernie Wildes 50.

Rick and Rose Nelson 45,

Bev Lee 44,

Wendy Worner 43.
Total SPHC miles hiked through Feb = 973, (Gals miles = 677, Guys miles = 279, Guest miles = 17) Go Girls!!
Largest attendance (21) on a hike was Vic and Viv Fickling’s at Battle Creek on Jan 30th.