August 2022 Hiking Schedule

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SUNDAY hikes start at 2:30 p.m., go approx. 5 miles and last approx. 1 ½ to 2 hours. 

TUESDAY hikes start at 7:00 p.m., go approx. 3 miles, and last approx. 1 hour.

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Tuesday, 8/2/22 Judy Nelson 651.738.1972 

Meeting Location: Meet at Cottage Grove Ravine Park, 9653 Keats Ave. S., Cottage Grove

Directions: Take Hwy 61 to Innovation Rd., exit,  across the bridge to roundabout, follow Keats to  park entrance, first right past the roundabout.  Watch for park sign, Apple Maps directs you  further down the road.  Follow a winding road that ends at the  largest parking lot in front of the new Ravine  Landing Center overlooking Ravine Lake and  playground. It’s Free Tuesday, no sticker  required.

Hike Description: We will hike wooded,  hilly, rustic trails.

Treats: Judy’s car 

Sunday,  8/7/22 Vern Pearson 651.772.4984

Meeting Location: Meet at Phalen Regional Park, 1600 Phalen Dr., St. Paul. Park near the picnic pavilion, north end of lot. Directions: Take Wheelock  Pkwy. E., turn into park at Phalen Dr. Wheelock  can also be accessed on Maryland Ave or Hwy  61 (Arcade St.)

Hike Description: 

Treats:  Ice cream and cookies at the car. 


Tuesday,  8/9/22 Judy Smith, Bernie Wildes 651.333.0667

Meeting Location: Meet at Battle Creek Regional  Park (Waterworks), 2401 Upper Afton Rd E., Maplewood.  Water park is between McKnight  and Century, south of I-94. Go to south end of  lot near the picnic pavilion.

Hike Description:  We will hike in the  park south of Upper Afton Rd. E, - paved and  grassy trails.

Treats: Judy’s car.


Sunday, 8/14/22 Nancy Duffrin 612.584.8594

Meeting Location: Meet in the parking lot of Tony Schmidt Park,  3500 Lake Johanna Blvd., Arden Hills, across the street from the beach. (Apple Maps, use 1715 Lake Johanna Blvd.)

Directions:  From Hwy 36, go  north on Snelling to County E. Turn left (W).  County E becomes Lake Johanna Blvd and then turns and becomes Fairview. From 694 heading  W, exit on Victoria. Go S to Co E and turn right.

Hike Description:  We will hike on bike and dirt trails in the park  and on neighborhood streets. 3 mile option like  last year’s 3 mile hike.

Treats: From Nancy’s  trunk. 

Tuesday, 8/16/22 Vicky Beutel 651.335.8079

Meeting Location: Meet at Hugo City Hall, 14669 Fitzgerald Ave N,  Hugo.

Directions: Take Hwy 61 North to 147th St N, turn left. Take first  left, Fitzgerald Ave N, to City Hall parking lot.

Hike Description: Flat hike in Hugo neighborhoods.

Treats: Boom’s Ice Cream. 


Sunday, 8/21/22 Vic & Viv Fickling 651.777.6103

Meeting Location: Meet at Coldwater Stop parking lot of the  Brown’s Creek Trail, 8312 Neal Ave. N. Stillwater, just south of Neal and McKusik  intersection.

Directions: From Hwy 36, go north on Manning to McKusik.  Turn right on Manning. Turn right on Neal to parking.

Hike Description: We will hike to Stillwater via  McKusik and back on Brown’s Creek Trail.  Alert ! This will be a 5 ¾ mile hike with some  steps.

Treats: Patriot’s Tavern, 145 New  England Pl., Stillwater. 

Tuesday, 8/23/22 Bev Lee 651.428.3784

Meeting Location: Meet at Ramsey County Beach, 5050 Lake Ave, White Bear Lake.

Directions: Take Hwy 61 North thru White Bear Lake, go past 11th Street, Turn right @ next stop light to Lake Ave (marked as 96). Go about  ½ mile, turn right into White Bear Lake County  Park.

Hike Description: Walk southerly along White Bear Lake  toward Hwy 61 and back to park.

Treats: In trunk.


Sunday, 8/28/22 Patty Peterson 651.276.0006

Meeting Location: Meet in the parking lot of Flicek Park, 1141 Frost Ave, Maplewood

Directions: Between Hwy 61 and English St.

Hike Description: We’ll walk around the Keller  Lake area & pass by Keller Lake, Gervais,  Kohlman, Round, and Phalen Lakes. Paved  trails & residential streets.

Treats: TBD 

Tuesday, 8/30/22 Susan Brink 651.219.9829

Meeting Location: Meet at Silverwood Park on the porch facing  Silver Lake, 2500 County Rd E., St Anthony.

Directions: From 694 exit on Silverwood Rd S.  From 35W exit on County Rd D west and go to Silver

Lake Road and turn right.  Only entrance to the park is on Co Rd E.

Hike Description: We will hike paved and dirt trails (muddy?) and one  steep grassy hillside. Come have a short  experience of “forest bathing” and walk through  a sculpture!

Treats: Susan will bring them out on the patio.