August 2022 Newsletter


Sunday hikes start at 2:30 pm, go approx. 5 miles, last 1 1⁄2 – 2 hrs. Tuesday hikes
start at 7:00 pm, go approx. 3 miles, last about 1 hour. The SPHC walks at a moderate speed of 2.5 – 3.5 mph. (17-24 min. mile)  Hikes start on time.



8/1 Mary Delaney, 8/8 Liz Delay,
8/15 Liz Drumm, 8/17 Vicky Beutel, 8/18
Bernie Wildes, 8/22 Tom Ellerbe, 8/23
Brock Herlick, 8/25 Susan
Crawford, 8/28 Eileen McCormick,
8/31 Phyllis Swenson, 8/31 Ed Caillier

Welcome New MemberS:
Kathleen Schmitt,  Maplewood 
Julie DeCoster, Willernie, MN 



Will be Sunday 09/18/2022, We will meet by the Como Park Fire rings on Como Avenue.
(between Hamline & Lexington Pkwy.) on the south end of Como Park. The hike will begin at
2:30 pm., followed by the Wiener Roast. The menu will be hot dogs, fruit, chips and s’mores
for desert. Cost is $5.00, payable at the picnic.  Contact: Vern Pearson 651.772.4984

Plogging: A recreational activity that combines exercise and picking up litter. You don’t have to be an athlete to participate; many people do it while hiking or walking around their neighborhood.

Don Crawford 177, Sue Crawford 174, Judy Nelson 174, Vern Pearson 167, Rose Nelson 154,

Rick Nelson 154, Sharon Heaton 153, Vicky Beutel 144, Bernie Wildes 143, Sandy Herlick 142,

Patty Peterson 139, Viv Fickling 132, Vic Flicking 128, Wendy Worner 124, Bob Tholkes 99, Brock Herlick 98, Nancy Duffrin 96, Bev Lee 88, Judy Smith 64, Lyle Mowery 63.

Don Crawford & Patty Peterson tie with 84 miles each.

Compass, farthest starting points...
West: Bob Tholkes hike from Fridley Community Park on May 29th (93.264 degrees West)
South: Judy Nelson hike from Prescott WI on June 5th (44.750 degrees North)
East: Wendy Worner & Nancy Duffrin hike from Belwin Conservancy in Afton on May 24th
(92.796 degrees West)
North: Vicky Beutel hike from her house in Hugo on Jan 4th and May 1st (45.148 degrees

Fifty three members of the SPHC hiked with the club so far this year with 26 guests. 

Total SPHC miles hiked through June = 3139