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The St. Paul Hiking Club Constitution

As Amended February 19, 2017


Article I: Name and Purpose


The name of the organization will be The St. Paul Hiking Club. The purpose of the club will be primarily the promotion of hiking as a recreation. It may, however, conduct other outdoor recreational activities and social events.


Article II: Membership


Section 1:  Membership is open to anyone who is of legal age upon payment of dues in advance.


Section 2:  Annual dues will be set at the Annual Meeting each year, and become due March 1 of each year.


Section 3:  All members have the power to vote, hold office, and to be appointed to a committee.


Section 4: All members are entitled to receive the hiking schedule and other Club communications.


Section 5: Membership shall start on the first of the month, following the date of payment of dues, except for renewal, which will continue from the date of expiration.


Article III: Government and Control


Section 1:  The control of the club is vested in the members, who will elect all officers and directors.


Section 2:  The government of the club is vested in the officers and a Board of Directors consisting of at least six members. The officers and directors will act as a governing body known as the “Board”.


Section 3:  The officers of the club will be the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. All the officers will be elected by the members at the Annual Meeting for a term of one year.


Section 4:  The directors will hold office for one year.


Section 5:   Newly elected officers and directors will take office on April 1.




Article IV: Duties of Officers and Directors


Section 1:  The President will be the chief executive officer of the club, presiding over and calling all meetings, whether regular or special. The President will also appoint members to perform other duties as needed.


Section 2  The Secretary shall take minutes of all regular and special board meetings, and provide a copy of the minutes to the president prior to the following board meeting.


Section 3:   The Treasurer will keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements and will render to the Board a financial statement at each regular meeting of the Board, at the Annual Meeting and whenever otherwise called upon to do so. The Treasurer will deposit all money in the name of the club in a bank approved by the Board and will sign checks drawn on club funds as authorized by the Board.


Section 4:  The directors and officers, acting a Board of Directors, will plan and execute a general program of club activities in accordance with the purpose of the organization. The Board will have the power to fill any vacancy arising for officers or directors until the next Annual Meeting or special election. Any act of the Board may be appealed to the membership of the club at any regular or special meeting of the club.


Section 5:             The duties of the directors are as follows:


  •  Scheduling Director—arrange a program of hikes and other club events, except social, and       prepare this information for publication in the hiking schedule.

  •  Membership Director—Welcome new and prospective members to the club, collect          membership dues, and maintain a current list of members.

  • Social Director—Plan and arrange all social events of the club, unless a committee has been appointed for a special event. Inform the Scheduling Director of plans in ample time for arrangement with hiking events and for publication in the club newsletter.

  • Publicity Director— Arrange publicity for the club in newspapers and other advertising mediums. Prepare the monthly newsletter, the Trailblazer, including the hiking schedule and press releases for printing and email. Email Trailblazer to members in a timely manner. Email a copy of the Trailblazer to the Mailing Director for printing and mailing to members receiving a paper copy. Forward to the Mailing Director current mailing labels for that purpose.  
    Maintain lists as follows: email list of members; online email list for mailings; member birthday list.  

  • Mileage Director— Keep an accurate record of the attendance at each hike and an ongoing mileage total for each hiker. The names and mileage for the top 20 hikers is to be shown quarterly in the club newsletter. Procure mileage awards as directed by the Board

  • Mailing Director— Mail in a timely manner copies of monthly Trailblazer, hiking Sign-up Sheet, and yearly member roster to members receiving a paper copies.

  • Webmaster- Maintain and improve the club web site. Post the monthly Trailblazer and other updated information on the site in a timely manner as requested by the club leadership. Respond to emails addressed to the club through the Web site, consulting the club leadership as necessary.


Article V: Nominations and Elections


Section 1: The President will appoint a Nominating Committee at least three months prior to the Annual Meeting.


Section 2:             The Nominating Committee will submit at the Annual Meeting a ticket of at least one candidate for each Board position. Nominations will also be allowed from the floor. A majority of all votes cast at the meeting will determine the results of the election.


Section 3:             All elections will be by ballot. Proxy voting is prohibited.


Article VI: Meetings


Section 1: The Annual Meeting will be held in February before the 15th of that month each year. The meeting will receive annual reports, transact general business, and elect officers and directors.


Section 2:  Special meetings of the club may be ordered by the Board or called by the President or called by written application of at least ten (10) members.


Section 3:  A quorum for the Annual Meeting and special meetings of the club will be 10% of the active membership.


Section 4:  Meetings of the Board will be held on a regular basis, preferably during the first 15 days of each month, and as otherwise deemed necessary. Meetings are open to all members, but only Board members may vote.


Section 5:  A quorum for Board meetings will consist of 50% of all its members.


Section 6:  The regular meeting of the Board in March of each year will be a joint session of retiring and newly-elected officers and directors.


Section 7:  If any officer or director is absent from three (3) consecutive meetings without giving good and sufficient reason to the Board, that person’s position on the Board will terminate.


Section 8:  The fiscal year of the club will begin on April 1 and end on the following March 31.


Section 9:  Guests of members will be welcome at club events such as picnics, trips, and camping excursions. When there is a charge for an event, the non-member will pay the fee required of members.


Article VII: Amendments to the Constitution


Any club member may propose an amendment to the Constitution, providing said amendment is provided in writing to the Board prior to the Annual Meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present at the Annual Meeting is needed to approve the amendment.


Article VIII: Rules


Robert’s Revised Rules of Order will be considered the administrative resource on all questions not covered by this constitution.


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