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September 2023 Newsletter

“ It's been a HOT Summer! Welcome September 

September! “I never tire of turning it over and over in my mind. It has warmth, depth, and color. It glows like old amber.” - Patience Strong

VIRGO 8/23 – 9/22

Virgo’s are logical, practical and systematic in their approach to life. Perfectionists at heart. Hyper-aware of details. They are kind, gentle and supportive. LOVE to help out. Funny & sharp with a quick wit. Born conscientious. Full of surprises.


HAPPY September BIRTHDAYS TO... 9/3 Bill Barrett, 9/5 Dennis Egebretson, 9/6 Jacque Lindskoog, 9/8 Sharon Heaton, 9/12 Jane Boyer, 9/14 Jim Lossing, 9/16 Brian Backlund


Will be on Sunday September 17th. We will meet at the Como Park Fire Rings on Como Avenue. (between Hamline & Lexington Pkwy., on the south end of Como Park) Nancy Duffrin will lead a three mile hike, starting at 2:30 pm, followed by the Wiener Roast. The menu will be hot dogs, fruit, chips and s’mores for dessert, bring your own drink and a chair. Cost is $5.00 payable at the picnic. Bob and Mary Tholkes will provide the wood and build the fire.

Contact: Sharon Heaton 612.207.5926.


Monday, September 11th at 6:30 pm. in the White Bear Lake Library, 2150 2nd St. White Bear Lake. Members welcome to attend.

 “Making your holiday cake in September is perfect, as too fresh a cake crumbles when cut.” - Mary Berry

SPHC TOP HIKERS – Mileage thru July

Sharon Heaton 196, Rose Nelson 186, Sandy Herlick 184, Rick Nelson 178, Bernie Wildes 175, Wendy Worner 175, Judy Nelson 170, Brock Herlick 169, Don Crawford 166, Sue Crawford 158, Patty Peterson 144, Vicky Beutel 143, Vic Fickling 142, Bob Tholkes 104, Bev Lee 84, Jane Boyer 80, Karen Land 89, Shirley Lee 69, Bonnie Wold 69.

Sharon Heaton, Brock Herlick, Sandy Herlick and Vicky Beutel made all the July hikes.

Vicky Beutel has traveled the farthest to a SPHC hike this year. 29.5 miles (if she could fly a straight line) to the 5/14 hike in Prescott WI.

Bob Tholkes on 7/30 and Brock & Sandy Herlick on 3/5 have traveled the least as the hikes started at their houses.

Neurologist & Sleep expert, Mark Wu MD., PhD from John Hopkins says...
Scientists have determined that just one sleepless night makes the brain look as if it has aged one or two years. The good news is that these effects disappear after a good night’s sleep. There are many important connections between health and sleep says Wu.


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