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January 2023 Newsletter


Sunday hikes start at 2:30 pm, go approx. 5 miles, last 1 1⁄2 – 2 hrs.

Tuesday hikes start at 11:30 am, go approx. 3 miles, last about 1 hour.
The SPHC walks at a moderate speed of 2.5 -3.5 mph. (17-24 min. mile) Hikers are expected to
maintain that pace. Hikes start on time.


1/1 Carol Isaak, 1/2 Liz Miller, 1/6 Pete Kerwahaw, 1/9 Michele DuMond, 1/10 Scott Lee, 1/11 Margie Meyers,
1/12 Mike Meyers, 1/15 Rick Currie, 1/25 Susan Brink, 1/26 Paul Ostrem, 1/29 Donna Jensen, 1/29 Roseann Cronk

Annual membership dues are due March 1st
$15.00 gets you a paper copy of the Trailblazer and $7.00 an e-mailed copy. Make
checks payable to: St. Paul Hiking Club and mail to: Rose Nelson, 2393 Eldridge Ave E.,
North St Paul MN 55109 


Will be Sunday, February 5th in the party room of Nancy’s condo, 2670 Oxford St. N., Roseville.
(1 block East of Lexington on Co. Rd. C) Enter Parkview and drive to the far entrance on the
right. We will begin with the meeting and  proposed programs for 2023 at 1 pm. Bring a
dish to share and your beverage. Bev Lee will lead a 3 mile hike after the meeting.
Contact: Nancy Duffrin: 612.584.8594.

Jim Lossing is resigning as mailing director. Thank you for your years of service!! If anyone
is interested in volunteering for this position, contact Bob Tholkes. 763.913.4453
Responsibilities: Print & mail the Trailblazer and annual membership roster to members
receiving a paper copy.


Total miles hiked by the SPHC through November 2022 = 6320

2022 MILEAGE LEADERS thru November:
Judy Nelson 337, Vern Pearson 312, Vicky Beutel 305, Sharon Heaton 300, Don Crawford
295, Sue Crawford 289, Rose Nelson 284, Rick Nelson 284, Bernie Wildes 283, Sandy Herlick
275, Viv Fickling 247, Patty Peterson 247, Vic Fickling 241, Wendy Worner 227, Brock Herlick
225, Bob Tholkes 204, Bev Lee 166, Nancy Duffrin 153, Lyle Mowery 143, Karen Land 113.

Hike weather temps: 4 in the zero’s, 2 in the teens, 7 in the twenties, 13 in the thirties, 12 in
the forties, 6 in the fifties, 12 in the sixties, 26 in the seventies, 6 in the eighties, 3 in the nineties.
There were 91 hikes through November, 94 possible. 3 cancelled due to weather.
Largest Hike: Vicky Beutel’s: 27 on 11/27 at Vadnais-Sucker Lake Regional Park.

New dates: August 13/14/15 2023. $23.50 saves your spot. Cost = $80. person. Send checks,
payable to St Paul Hiking Club to Vicky Beutel, 4658 Fable Rd. N., Hugo MN 55038. Spouses
and friends welcome. 

Be mindful, don’t take health & wellness for granted. Give your feet better support. Drink
more water. Take the stairs. Wear sunscreen.  Start walking more. Lead a hike.

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