July 2021


Happy July Birthday to:

George Hunkins 7/5/27, Vic Fickling 7/10, Gayle Stucky 7/12, Dave Baker 7/14, Viv Fickling 7/14,

Bob Tholkes 7/19, Lyle Mowery 7/28, Doug Renier 7/29, Pat Peterson 7/30.


KC Cox,  St Paul MN 55104 

Karen Schultz, Centerville MN 55038 

Healthy Mind – Healthy Body

It’s not just what you’re eating What you’re thinking and saying is just as important.


Total miles hiked on club hikes in 2021 through May = 2549 miles


Coldest Hike in April & May: Bernie Wildes and Sharon Heaton’s hike around Lake McKusick on April 13th – Snow flurries, 38 degrees.


Warmest Hike: Nancy Duffrin's hike near Lake Josephine on May 25th. Windy 85 degrees.


Who’s Who in the lead: – Top hikers through May:           

1 Sue Crawford     111 miles

2 Rose Nelson       109 miles

   Rick Nelson        109 miles

4 Lyle Mowery.       107 miles

5 Don Crawford     106 miles

6 Sandy Herlick.    103 miles

   Vern Pearson     103 miles

8 Sharon Heaton     99 miles

   Bob Tholkes         99 miles

10 Vic Fickling         98 miles


My goal is to hike on the trail.

Every Sunday & Tuesday without fail.

I’ll put on my shoes.

Get rid of my blues.

And trek over hill and down dale.