June 2020




Happy Birthday to:

Donald Crawford 06/06,

Lynn Mahnke – 06/23


TOP HIKERS 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar. 2020)

  1. Victor Fickling-85 miles

  2. Sharon Heaton-83 miles

  3. Jacque Lindskoog-76 miles

  4. Judy Nelson-75 miles

  5. Vivian Fickling-73 miles

  6. Charlotte Svobodny-68 miles

  7. Vicky Beutel, Donald & Susan Crawford, & Lyle Mowery-67 miles

  8. Bob Tholkes-63 miles

  9. Dennis & Hafizan Engebretson & Bernadette (Bernie) Wildes-60 miles

  10. Sandra Herlick-48 miles

  11. Jeanne Shankle-46 miles

  12. Rick Nelson-45 miles

  13. Pat Peterson-44 miles

  14. Brock Herlick-43 miles

  15. Phyllis Swenson-42 miles

*Note: Hikes were suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions on group gatherings-the last scheduled hike was March 24th.




How many of you are still walking?  Did any others get together with a few members to hike?

President Bob Tholkes said in the mailing sent out recently that he’s maintaining the 3- and 5-mile weekly walks from home. He visited Whitewater & Interstate State Park. (The Club used to do camping trips to Interstate State Park.) Bob’s still gathering information for the Club Centennial Publication and a Ramsey County History article.

I (Charlotte) have been getting together with 3 others every Tuesday and Saturday for 5-mile hikes on BOTH days of the week. We agreed that 5 miles is more worth the drive! I also had a Pileated Woodpecker pass through my yard drumming on my wooden birdfeeder, then he sampled the suet and left!

Pileated Woodpeckers have been pretty active.


Vicky Beutel reported a pileated was in her yard too! Another rare sight we have all begun to see is: parents and their kids walking or biking together! Vicky also has seen what was most likely a special celebration for someone’s birthday or another occasion---9 emergency vehicles and a convertible driving by, tooting their horns in her out-of-the-way area of Shoreview. When she’s not biking, she’s hiking.


Judy Nelson is doing a lot of hiking, getting to know all the trails in various Washington County parks, plus visiting all the parks in Woodbury.  Judy also said that the Washington County parks are NO LONGER FREE. They are back to Free First Tuesdays. Since the offices are still closed you need to get an annual sticker online and keep your receipt in your window until the mailed version arrives. Day passes can be done by the honor box.


If you’d like to go for a drive: Vermillion Falls Park, 215 21st St. E. in Hastings has trails to go on in addition to viewing the falls. If you bike, you can connect to the trail that takes you to Point Douglas Park, just before Prescott. Carpenter Nature Center is near Prescott too, and there’s no charge to use their trails but note: no bathrooms since things are still closed. When you visit these parks-whatever you pack in---pack it out!



Guess what folks? We’re still NOT hiking as a group, so here’s more history, leading up to our 100th year. From the Trailblazers of 2011:

On the first Sunday hike June 7, 1925 the hikers went to Hastings by streetcar and hiked near Hastings, MN and Prescott, WI. Our first annual picnic was held on Sunday, August 22, 1925 at McCarron’s Lake. Regular evening hikes started on Tuesday, April 5, 1927. For the first month, the evening hikers met at the Courthouse, after which they met at various places in the city. Evening hikes were not held in winter for a few years.

The first weekend trip was May 29-31, 1926, at a farm near Somerset, WI. The hikers went by bus to Stillwater, MN and hiked to Somerset, WI.


The Club had skating parties at the Hippodrome on the State Fairgrounds from 1930-1942, when the Hippodrome was no longer available for skating.


Two Sunday hikes were held in 1928 and in 1929. Sunday hikes were ordinarily started in the morning and were usually endurance hikes (extremely competitive!) of 10 to 25 miles or more! A new record for distance was made on Sunday, March 18, 1931, when ten hikers met at the Courthouse in St. Paul at 8 a.m. and went to Dale & Maryland by streetcar. They hiked to White Bear Lake, had lunch, then continued on to Stillwater, arriving at 6:30 p.m. after hiking more than 30 miles.

Another endurance-type hike was done by 6 hikers on Sunday, May 17, 1931. They took the 8 a.m. streetcar from St. Paul to Wildwood for a scheduled 20-mile hike to Stillwater. This wasn’t long enough for three of them, so they started hiking at 5:00 a.m. in St. Paul, and hiked to Wildwood for the 20-mile hike to Stillwater with the rest of the hikers!  The combined group became lost near Hugo, then went by Carnelian Lake and on to Stillwater, arriving at 7:30 p.m. The hardy hikers had hiked 47 miles that day!

Overnight camping trips were held a number of times each year. Popular camping spots were: the YMCA camp near Hudson, another by the Apple River near Somerset. The first camping trip to a state park was at Taylor’s Falls, September of 1936.

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