May 2020 


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If you haven’t sent in your dues yet, better get them in by May 1st or you will NOT receive any form of the Trailblazer for June! We have a lot of maintenance to do! The membership rate is: $15.00/year for the paper copy of the Trailblazer. It’s $7.00/year when you receive the Trailblazer by email. Mail your dues checks to: Phyllis Swenson, 3706 Linden Ave., White Bear Lake, MN 55110. Times a-wastin’!



Happy Birthday to: Liz O’Toole – 05/01

Dan Humes – 05/06, Anne Merritt – 05/09

Leslie Tunstall – 05/15

Sara Backlund & Dennis Anderson– 05/26

Mary Weber & Kathy Anderson – 05/29


TOP HIKERS for 2019

  1. Vicky Beutel-342 miles

  2. Donald Crawford- 314 mi.

  3. Judy Nelson-313 mi.

  4. Rose Nelson-311 mi.

  5. Charlotte Svobodny-304 mi.

  6. Susan Crawford-299 mi.

  7. Dennis & Hafizan Engebretson-291 mi.

  8. Rick Nelson-287 mi.

  9. Victor Fickling-286 mi.

  10. Vivian Fickling-280 mi.

  11. Sandra Herlick-244 mi.

  12. Bob Tholkes-230 mi.

  13. Lyle Mowery-225 mi.

  14. Pat Peterson-206 mi.

  15. Sharon Heaton-201 mi.

  16. Jacque Lindskoog-184 mi.

  17. Phyllis Swenson-174 mi.

  18. Brock Herlick-163 mi.

  19. Bernadette Wildes-157 mi.


Awards were given to the Top Three hikers: Vicky Beutel, Donald Crawford and Judy Nelson. (See above for mileage.)


Awards were given to the Top Hike Leaders:

Charlotte Svobodny led 9 hikes

There was a 3-way tie-all led 8 hikes:

Judy Nelson, Rick & Rose Nelson, and Vicky Beutel.


Other Hike Leader Honorable Mentions:

Nancy Duffrin led 6 hikes. Vic& Viv Fickling, Lyle Mowery, Sandy Herlick, Susan & Don Crawford, & Phyllis Swenson-ALL led 5 hikes. Bob Tholkes led 4 hikes. Sharon Heaton, Bill Barrett, & Liz O’Toole all led 3 hikes. 35 members have led at least one hike during the year, 17 did one hike, 3 did two hikes.



2019 had a total of 101 hikes

About 50 hikes had 20 or more hikers in attendance (about ½ the hikes).

If you attended all 101 hikes, your total miles would be 394 miles. The average total miles a year is 400-407 miles.

We had 3 cancelled hikes, 1/29/19-cold, 06/04/19-tornado storms, 10/01/19-rain storm.

Note: Easter and Awards Banquet fell on a Sunday, Christmas Eve fell on a Tuesday, so no hike scheduled.

Bob led a hike on July 28th when tornado sirens and warnings went off during the hike-15 hikers were on the hike.


Largest number of people on a hike:

38 hikers (which included 4 guests) the leader was Barb Clarke, it was a Highland Park Baker’s Square Sunday hike on 1/13/19.

Two hikes had 34 hikers: Liz O’Toole’s hike at Nico’s, & Vicky Beutel’s hike on 07/07/19-the picnic at Keller.


Lowest number of people attending a hike:

02/15/19-Char led a Tuesday hike starting at the Rock Island Swing Bridge-only Lyle Mowery showed up-so 2 hiked. On New Years Eve, that Tuesday hike had 6 hikers and one guest joined Vicky Beutel’s hike. All other hikes were 10 or more people-the average hike was 20-24 hikers.



Were given to three former Schedulers:

Liz O’Toole-March – 5 yrs., Carolyn Diebel-June 3yrs., & Barb Fitzpatrick-September-12 yrs.

Special awards include special thank you for former Board members:

Viv Fickling, Treasurer for 6 years.

Carol Isaak, Scheduling Director for 10 years.

(Plus, special thanks from our Hiking Club Board members.)

Due to the cancellation of the Spring Banquet, all awards will be mailed to recipients.



The Club offered annual vacation trips from 1977 through 1986, to locales as distant as Banff and New Orleans.

The Club offered Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend trips to State Parks (1977-81) or lodges (1982-1988.

For the period, men were at most 7 of the top 20 hikers in a single year, indicating that there were more women than men in the membership.

All members were apparently on Hike Scheduling Teams at the beginning of the period and replaced with Monthly Hike Schedulers by 1988.



By Sara Teasdale


A delicate fabric of bird song
Floats in the air,
The smell of wet wild earth
Is everywhere.

Red small leaves of the maple
Are clenched like a hand,
Like girls at their first communion
The pear trees stand.

Oh, I must pass nothing by
Without loving it much,
The raindrop try with my lips,
The grass with my touch;

For how can I be sure
I shall see again
The world on the first of May
Shining after the rain?



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