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1980s — 1990s

Mar 1980: Sunday regular meeting place now described as "for those in who need transportation" indicating independent travel to hikes.

By 1983 the club was no longer affiliated with the city.

1983: Last active charter member, Jim Cowie, died at age 96.  Hiked past age 90.

1986 Slogan

The best way to reach the Fountain of Youth is to walk to it

1987: Club sold branded caps, sweatshirts, jackets, tees.

1988: Club marched in St. Paul St. Patrick's Day Parade

          Hike attendance in 1987-88 estimated at 30-35 on Tuesday evenings

              and up to 50 on Sundays

          Full-moon Midnight 5 mile hikes offered monthly, except in winter.       

             Sometimes began and finished at 24-hour restaurant.

April 25, 1995:

George Hunkins, an active club member, who was a Commander in the  American Legion, organized a 50 year memorial ceremony for Charles Kuhlman, the hiking club member killed in WWII, April 25, 1945.  The parks department refurbished it and it was placed in the Como Park Zoo.  Mayor Norm Coleman was a guest speaker.  Hikes to that bench continue yearly.

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