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Oasis Park & Langton Lake

Viv & Vic had a hike planned on Mar 31 from Oasis Park 1900 Aldine, Roseville. (or 1900 C2W for Google Maps.)
They recommended this route: Starting at Oasis Park:
  • Walk clockwise around Oasis Park to County Rd C2 W
  • Cross Fairview and continue to Langton Lake. 
  • Make left and go around Langton Lake to Lydia Ave. W, go east on Lydia. 
  • Turn right on Mildred Dr. 
  • Continue to Cty Rd C2W back to Oasis Park and walk counter clockwise on Oasis Park trail
  • Map of route

Central Park

The premier park in Roseville south of County C is over a mile long, from Lexington past Dale.

The parking lots are on Lexington, Victoria and Dale. 


At the Lexington end is Lake Bennett and the Rog amphitheater.  At Dale there is the arboretum on one side and the nature preserve and boardwalk on the other.  Victoria (least crowded parking) has Lake Bennett on one side and ball fields on the other.  On a walk from Victoria to Dale, you pass lovely wetlands (north path) or wonderful woodlands (south path).  Create your walks up to 3.5 miles.

See map

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