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Hikes in NE Minneapolis & Surrounding Suburbs

Bob Tholkes' April 5th hike:

  • Park near Mayslack’s Bar, 1428 4th St. NE, Mpls.

  • Walk east to 5th St NE, Turn left

  • Walk to Spring St. (this includes crossing Broadway and taking the sidewalk to where 5th St. resumes). Turn right.

  • Turn right and walk on Central to Ortman St.  Turn right and walk to Bank St.

  • Turn left, continue from Bank St onto Lourdes Place to Hennepin Ave.

  • Turn left and then right onto Main St., left on 1st Avenue NE, right onto DeLaSalle Dr.

  • Left on East Island Avenue to the footpath on the right which will cross the footbridge to Boom Island Park.  Take the parking lot access road out to 8th Ave. & Sibley St.

  • Take the trail running northwest from the intersection and walk (along the river) to where it ends at Marshall St.  

  • Turn right and the left on 16th Ave NE.  Walk on 16th Ave. to Main St. Turn right to 15th Ave.

  • Turn left and walk to Mayslacks.

  • Map to Print


For a shorter walk along the river paths:

  • Begin at Mayslacks as above and walk the hike backwards along the river from Marshall

  • Turn left at 8th Ave. NE, walk to Main St, turn left and walk to 15th Ave NE and right to Mayslacks.  Distance 2.5 miles

  • Map to Print


Bob Tholkes' description of the hike he would have led April 7th:


  • Park in the St. Anthony Village shopping center, 2950 Pentagon Drive.

  • Walk to St. Anthony Blvd.

  • Walk east across the intersection with New Brighton Blvd and continue on St. Anthony Blvd to Ridgway Parkway.

  • Turn right on Ridgway Parkway and walk west to where it ends at Stinson Blvd.

  • Turn right and walk to New Brighton Blvd.

  • Turn right and enter the Minneapolis Diagonal Trail.

  • Follow it back to St. Anthony Blvd and return to the shopping center.

  • If your time permits and you wish to visit the grave In Sunrise Memorial Gardens of the club founder, Grace Cummings Villars, contact Bob Tholkes for directions in the gardens, 763-913-4453  

  • Map to Print

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